Welcome to the Richards Research Group

Research Interests
We are a multidisciplinary group which focuses on the biophysical characterization of membrane receptors. We apply techniques ranging from single molecule imaging to the application of nanofabricated plasmonic devices for bioimaging in order to gain insight into the role of membrane receptors in disease and addiction.

Current areas of interest include:

1. Trafficking and assembly of nicotinic receptors

2. Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Regulator dysfunction

3. Plasmon enhanced fluorescence in bioimaging

Please visit our research page for more information on specific projects.


Congratulations to Dr. Ashley Loe and Dr. Elliott Martin for successfully defending their PhD dissertations.
to Elliott Martin on his first paper being accepted in the Journal of Physical Chemistry. Check it out here.
Congratulations to Ashley Loe for being accepted to take part in the Clarkson Early Career Colloquium in Chemistry.https://www.clarkson.edu/colloquium/chemistry.html
Congratulations to Faruk Moonschi was was awarded an RCTF fellowship for the upcoming year. Congratulations to Ashley Loe who received an award for her poster presentation at the Bluegrass Society for Neuroscience meeting last week. Ashley also received an award for the top poster at this years Naff symposium this week. Congratulations to Emily Furnish who will graduate this year and head off to medical school next year.
Check out our most recent publication in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C. In collaboration with Dr. Kim here in UK's chemistry department and Dr. Lau from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, we studies the single particle properties of grapheme quantum dots. You can find the paper here.